Questions for February 23rd

Tess Cosslett states that the authors of “animal autobiographies” are overwhelmingly female. Why do we think that is the case? Do we agree with Cosslett that it could be because women were responsible for socializing children (teaching them to be kind)? Do we agree with Cosslett that it could be because women felt more of an “affinity with oppressed creatures”?

Cosslett notes that most of these books end in a “recognition scene”, and quotes that the only way to have an untragic conclusion is to stop it before the last chapter. How else could these types of books end without incensing the reader?

LeGuin mentions “Disney-itis”, which we all know refers to the way Disney has twisted classic stories into brighter, more commercialized candy for child consumers. Is it possible to have animated films do these stories justice?

I found it amusing when LeGuin confesses to being all over the place with no concise conclusion to her queries. Is this inevitable, when considering the vast range of books in this genre?

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