March 9th Questions

Are there any contemporary periodicals (online or otherwise) that serve a similar purpose as The Brownie’s Book? Should there be?

On page 417 in the “As the Crow Flies” essay, Fielder writes, “At times, Black people also framed their human-animal relations differently, in non-oppositional relationships to animals held as pets or acknowledged as fellow sufferers and even sometimes in positive—even antiracist—comparisons with nonhumans that look to human-animal similarities and relations while also countering white supremacist hierarchies of race and species.” Sorry for the long quote, but I was kind of confused by this statement. Maybe we can discuss later.

On the first page of the “No Rights” essay, Fielder asks “Ought we to read racial themes more carefully when African American audiences are present?” I would like to discuss this further.

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  1. Carrie Hintz

    Hi Lacy,
    Great questions, and very helpful for our discussion today. And I love your question about whether there is a contemporary counterpart to “The Brownie’s Book”! I don’t know of one, but I think it would be really cool. Carrie

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