Questions for March 23rd

What did we think about the ending of the book? Are we happy that three spiders remained to “entertain” Wilbur? I felt like his petulance did not deserve a reward, but maybe listening to the book enhanced the whiny-ness/petulance.

Before reading the Ratelle essay, did you think of Wilbur as a pig? Or a little boy? Or a mix of both? Is the argument valid that White could be writing animals just as animals?

Why was Uncle written that way? Was it a lost opportunity to show readers that pigs are intelligent, delightful creatures?

Was there a clear reason to assign a male gender to Wilbur and Templeton, and a female gender to Charlotte and Fern?

One thought on “Questions for March 23rd

  1. Carrie Hintz

    Wonderful questions and commentary, Lacy. It is amazing, but some critics write about Wilbur’s maturation at the end of the book…and I fail to see that! I definitely think that Wilbur stands in for the child reader, and is meant to …remain callow and self-absorbed…and in need of that emotional support. But so much to discuss here! CH

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