March 30th

Two lines that stood out to me are:

On the one hand, casting doubt on responsibility, on decision, on one’s own being-ethical, seems to me to be—and is perhaps what should forever remain—the unrescindable essence of ethics, decision, and responsibility (Derrida 126).

It also means asking whether what calls itself human has the right rigorously to attribute to man, which means therefore to attribute to himself, what he refuses the animal, and whether he can ever possess the pure,rigorous,indivisible concept, as such, of that attribution (Derrida 135).

Two questions that are on my mind:

What do we think about the distinction between response and reaction?

What do we think about the difference (is there one) between pretense and a pretense of pretense?

One thought on “March 30th

  1. Carrie Hintz

    HI Lacy,
    These are the truly germane questions to focus on, and I predict that we will delve into them tonight–and I really like your choice of quotations as well. CH

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