2/9 Sophia’s questions

“The CCBC’s Diversity Statistics”
Horning brings up the issue of Asian authors not writing Asian characters and how most of the books about Asians are written by non-Asians. This makes me think of some general questions: Should writers feel obligated to represent their own race/ethnicity? What counts as their “#ownvoices”? Is the increase in the representation of nonwhite characters/authors of color a recognition and celebration of diversity—or is it tokenism? How do we measure the difference between tokenism and positive representation in children’s literature?

Leslie Bow, “Racial Abstraction and Species Difference”
-If scholars have theorized that “young children may relate more to human characters than anthropomorphized animals” (343), then why is anthropomorphism still used in children’s lit? Is it necessary? What are the merits of anthropomorphic narratives?

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