4/6 Questions

-I’ve found Harde’s reading of the ambiguous status animals hold in Indigenous literature and oral histories interesting. If the relationship between animals and humans is not always perceived as benevolent—that animals offer themselves to humans—does this not challenge the ethics…


QuestionsI have a few questions about the Newbery Medal: (1) In general, how representative is the Newbery titles as “American children’s literature”? (2) How does prizing “keep above the taint of commercialism”? How is this possible? Isn’t that the book…

3/2 Questions

Feuerstein and Nolte-Odhiambo write: “‘Pethood’ here serves as the analogous term to ‘child-hood,’ a similarly constructed social space that points to specific hierarchical relationships” (4). I was trying to understand the relationship between childhood and pethood and thus wondered: Can…

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