Jaïra’s questions

Feb 9th:

Leslie Bow, “Racial Abstraction and Species Difference: Anthropomorphic Animals in ‘Multicultural’ Children’s Literature,”  American Literature 191 (2) (June 2019):  323–356.

“The CCBC’s Diversity Statistics: A Conversation with Kathleen T. Horning,”  The Horn Book (March 27, 2017).

• What is the driving force behind these CCBC statistics that allows these numbers to continually move at a glacier’s pace? What have publishers been doing to offset or jump start these numbers? Where are they going for cultural criticism? And I would add all the list of questions Horning asks on page 7.

• How would Robin Berstein’s “Racial Innocence (2011) compare/compliment “WhiteSupremacy in Children’s Literature: Characterizations of African Americans, 1830-1900” by Donnaraie MacCann  (1997)?

• If the Mitchell premise that children learn from their environment is still being used today, what do adults and children gain animal proxies? from Does anthropomorphism leave the truth or “a” version of the truth dormant?

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